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NOTE: This page is currently under construction and until completed may provide only demo or limited versions. Come back later or contact us.

All programs come without installation and as a package in form of a  zip  file. You have to place them manually at a correct location. Consequently, there is no certification which may block the download as being not trusted. If so, this has to be overridden by your administrator.

Educational Programs:
AcidBE AcidBE, a teaching tool for blood acid base status.
SatCur SatCur, a teaching tool for blood oxygen transport.
Scientific Programs:
AnaTis AnaTis, analyses locations and contours and their relation in a flat plane.
BTablet Coming soon: BTablet, registration of points and contours from a graph.
OxyTis OxyTis, calculates oxygen distribution in living tissue.
Badminton Programs:
BadPlan BadPlan, for planning badminton tournaments
based on a set of original - DOS versions
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