AnaTis A program analysing distribution of both point-like items and contours in a flat plane as well as their interrelation. For example, capillary and fiber cross sections in a muscle tissue slice.
NOTE: This page is currently under construction and until completed may provide only demo or limited versions. Come back later or contact us.
English Manual Interested in the manual? There is a Dutch and an English version. A German version is in preparation.
Dutch English
AnaTis is multilingual, Dutch, English and German.
NOTE: The current version has not yet all the features so announces itself as Demo version AnaTisS. The full version will be available in time.
Demo version Development is in its final stage but soon you can download an only slightly incomplete, fully working 'demo' version.
If that doesn't work, download here the zip file, according to the settings of your browser, unzip it, copy all files into the same directory, and read the “License_AnaTis.pdf“ file.
The zip file is 826 kB.
Tips Installation and download tips.
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