BADPLAN Badminton tournament planning software (DOS).

A complete windows version will be developed if there is enough interest. Part of it is already done and that version can be downloaded and inspected from this page

NOTE: This page is currently under construction and until completed provides only limited versions. Come back later or contact us.
BADPLAN organises all the matches to be played in a badminton tournament up to or near the semi-finals. The input comes from the player data entered through BAD-IN; BAD-OUT makes several types of listings of these data.
Explanation Download a short overview of the features and capabilities of the BadPlan program(s).
What is…
The input for the DOS version of BADPLAN comes from text files in the format as produced by BAD-IN. Contrary to most plannings, the resulting planning is optimized for each player's active and non-active time intervals on basis of a continuous time table, usually maintained up to the semi-finals.
There is a Windows version of BadPlan showing how it works; no Help files yet, but a lot of internal explanation.
All versions are multilingual, Dutch, English and German; the DOS versions also French.
Also, all versions work with the same text files format. These files can be edited by any text editor but must be in the correct format.
DOS version You can download the DOS versions including examples as a zip file, according to the settings of your browser, and unzip it in one folder. All example and text files are in Dutch including the "README.TXT" file; you can ignore the license conditions stated there. See “License_BadPlan.pdf“ instead.
Note, that DOS programs usually do not run under Windows.
DOS; 274kB
Windows version Soon, you will be able to download the windows version of BadPlan as a .zip file, according to the settings of your browser, unzip it, copy all files into the same directory, and read the “License_BadPlan.pdf“ file.

Curious? You might download a very incomplete stand-alone version here (337 kB).

Tips Installation and download tips.
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