AcidBE A program teaching / evaluating the Blood Acid - Base Status.
NOTE: This page is currently under construction and until completed may provide only demo or limited versions. Come back later or contact us.
Explanation Download a short overview of the features and capabilities of the program AcidBE.
What is…
AcidBE is multilingual, Dutch, English and German. However, the Help files are old-type .hlp and can only be read if you have a working version of WinHlp32.
NOTE: The current version has not yet all the features so announces itself as Demo version. The full version will be available in time.
Demo version Download the zip file, according to the settings of your browser, unzip it, copy all files into the same directory, and read the “License_AcidBE.pdf“ file.
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Tips Installation and download tips.
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