Theory of Light and the Universe

The idea worked out here originated when I was a student in physics and mathematics, but only now I can spend more time on it. The basic question is, could the light velocity be variable and if so, under what conditions?
Surprisingly, this has major consequences for our view of the world and the universe.

In the table below, you find the various sections developed so far. The Title is a short description, the Text summarizes the results of the Theory = mathematics. The foundation of the theory is in the title 'Basics'

TitleTextTheory [Version] - Date
Basics Basic idea and consequences Derivation of basic equation [1] - 14-nov-2008
Photon particle Photon path and
'particle' wave function
Derivation of describing equations [1] - 14-nov-2008
Red shift
Due to aging, light is red-shifted
in a way similar to the 'Big Bang'
Derivation of the equation
for aging of photons
[1] - 17-dec-2009
Space (/time)
Static: Transformation for
non-moving systems
Derivation of the equations
for non-moving systems
[1] - 27-feb-2013
Moving: Transformation for
force-free moving systems
Derivation of the equations for
force-free movement and
systems moving correspondingly
[1] - 27-feb-2013
Important consequences
of the transformation equations.
Considerations concerning
the system transforamtions
[1] - 29-may-2013
Title Text Theory Version

More pages will follow.