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9 october 2023
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Some Personal things Louis Hoofd
Born: 1944, Venlo
Physicist, Physiologist and Composer
🎼 𝄞𝄢 ♩ ♬ ♩ ⇒
My Music:
Playing the Piano
Composing Music - mainly piano
(Not the pop stuff)
Member of Nieuw Geneco
scores, performances and mp3's free
My Profession Retired as Universitair Docent
Nijmegen, Radboud University, Medical Centre
Department of Physiology
former member and president of works council
 My Software:
Partner and Software writer in:
BaLoH Software
Educational &  scientific
 programs and support
My Badminton: My clubs: BC Groesbeek & BCN-BT
Referee in BNL Central Region
Expertise in Tournament Organizing
Former member of BNL Regulations Committee
My Trade Union: FNV
Advisor, former active Member